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The Ashiba series offers superior off center weighing.  Quality scales show consistent weight readings when a test mass is placed in the center of the balance and then in each of the Four Corners of the platform.  Test the Off Center weighing characteristics of the competition and you will be amazed with the results compared to the Ashiba line.  The Ashiba line of mini digital pocket scales consistently displayed results within the manufacturer's specification while testing the center and corners of the weighing platform. 

Off Center Weighing, also called "corner weighing," is extremely important since it shows the scale will provide accurate weighing results no matter where the load is placed on the platform.  Ideally, when weighing a sample, the most practical method is by placing the sample in the center of the weighing platform, but many items cannot achieve this.  Every item can not be circular or small enough to be placed in the very center of the scale.  Sometimes the sample will be rectangular in shape and require you to place the item diagonally across the platform.  The superior weighing sensor in the Ashiba offers you accurate results wherever you place the sample on the platform.  Before you purchase your next mini digital pocket scale, test the Off Center weighing capabilities.

This is an example of how to perform the Off Center weighing test:

  1. Turn "ON" the scale and press "TARE" button to zero the scale. The LCD should display "0.0".
  2. Place a sample such as a ring in the center of the platform. In the example we will assume this ring weighs 15.0 grams. Therefore the scale LCD display should read 15.0 grams.(+/-0.1g)
  3. Remove the sample from the center of the weighing platform.
  4. Place the sample in any one corner of the Ashiba scale.
  5. Ashiba pocket scales will display consist readings within the product specification just as when the sample was in the center of the weighing platform.
  6. Remove the sample and try it on the other three corners.

Compare the results of the corner weighing readings and you will see the Ashiba line accurately performs within the specification wherever the item is placed on the platform.  Compare the competition and what kind of results do you get??

Tangent Pocket Digital Mini Gram Scale.  Our newest mini scale offers 100 gram weighing capacity and can read to 0.1 gram.  Made in Japan by Tanita. Only $83.99 .  Special additional discounts available when you use Click to see all the great deals
Tanita model 1475T weighs up to 1200 grams and comes standard with weighing tray that also works as a protective cover for this precision high capacity pocket scale.  See the full line of Tanita Scales all at deep discount prices.

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